Water Queen
Status Living
Gender Female
Portrayer[s] Jemima Kirke (TV series)
Species Human
Family Rainbow Princess (sister)
Location Water Planet
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Water Manipulation
First Appearance Last Appearance
Axe Cop #154

Water Queen is the name of a character from the Axe Cop comics.


Water Queen is a female hero who is the ruler of Water Planet. She was Axe Cop's love interest when they went to the same karate dojo back when Water Queen was Water Princess.

The Aubber Aliens once captured Water Queen in order to provide a water source for them. After Axe Cop saved Water Queen, she helped to kill the Aubber Aliens. Afterwards, Axe Cop and Water Queen got engaged where they adopt Max and Sammy as their children.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Water Queen can generate and control water.


Water Queen appears in the Axe Cop episode "The Center of the Ocean" voiced by Jemima Kirke. She is depicted as the daughter of the King of All Time and the adoptive sister of Lobster Man. Aliens led by Lobster Man's sister abduct her and planned to use her powers to flood the Sand Planet to make her own planet. As a result of the lack of an ocean, this caused a war between the sharks and the tigers. After Axe Cop and Lobster Man freed Water Queen where she helped to defeat Lobster Man's sister, the ocean was returned and the war between the sharks and the tigers was halted.