Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Unknown
Species Human
Family Uni-Man and Uni-Woman (biological parents)
Choward and Goward Snoward (adoptive parents)
Allies Axe Cop
Weapon[s] Unicorn Horn (for stabbing)
Powers Unicorn magic, apple hands
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 2 N/A

Uni-Baby is a baby who had the power of unicorn magic (until it was taken by Avocado Soldier.) She also gained the power of apples from Tom's Fruit Stand. This is currently her only power.


Uni-Baby's biological father is Uni-Man. She was discovered by Axe Cop and used to defeat Psydrozon (while he was controlled by Pretzel Head), by stabbing him in the eye with her horn.

Telescope Gun CopEdit

After the battle with Psydrozon, Telescope Gun Cop was angry about being rejected by Axe Cop, so he formed a team with Uni-Baby. He used her unicorn magic to travel back in time, so he could poison the candy canes of Bobber and Gobber Smartist. When he returned, they bought apples from Tom's Fruit Stand, ate them, and both gained the power of apples.

The SnowardsEdit

Axe Cop and Avocado Soldier found Telescope Gun Cop's lab and destroyed him with lemon and avocado grenades. Uni-Baby survived the blast, but her unicorn horn came off and she lost her power. Avocado Soldier took her horn for himself, gaining her unicorn magic. Her unicorn magic will be returned to her when she is a grown-up. Axe Cop and Avocado Soldier put her up for adoption and she was taken in by the Snowards. She now lives on a snow planet, created by Avocado Soldier, thousands of miles from Earth, with over two billion siblings.