Telescope Gun Cop
Telescope gun cop is... the mullet man!
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Telescope Gun Cop's Lab
Allies Uni-Baby (formerly)
Enemies Axe Cop
Flute Cop
Weapon[s] Telescope/Gun/Flashlight
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 0 Episode 3

Telescope Gun Cop is the name of a supervillain in the Axe Cop comics.


Telescope Gun Cop wanted to be on Axe Cop's team, but Psydrozon was outside, so Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier went out to deal with it.

After killing Preztle Head, who was controlling Psydrozon and acquiring the giant robot, Axe Cop declared that they didn't need him anymore. After this he used Uni-Baby's magic powers to go back in time to poison Axe Cop's parents By the third episode he finally met his end in a barrage of lemon grenades and avocado bombs.

Axe Cop later obtained a time machine where he found out that Flute Cop is his brother and prevented his parents' death by chopping off Telescope Gun Cop's head.[1]

In "Ask Axe Cop" #101, it was revealed that Telescope Gun Cop survived the barrage attack by using Uni-Baby's powers to wish that he would survive and was transported to the forest where he became a mountain man. He resurfaced where he hunted Fire Slicer and Vampire Wolver's pet Vampire Bearwolf God (formerly the God of All Bears). This did not go well as all the bears were summoned to chase Telescope Gun Cop. He was taken to Bear Court where he was found guilty and was sentences to be chopped into tiny bits and eaten like cereal. Fire Slicer and Vampire Wolver later visited Axe Cop revealing how they survived and that Telescope Gun Cop was killed by the bears.[2]



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