Secret Town is the name of a location in the Axe Cop comics.


Secret Town is an underground city that is beneath Axe Cop's station as seen in "Ask Axe Cop" #77.

It is actually in a basement beneath his basement that has two elevators (one of the elevators leads into a trap for bad guys). The secret secret basement contains Axe Cop's town called Secret Town where Axe Cop is the mayor and only good guys live there.

Axe Cop's dead hypnotized bad guys and wind-up robots do all the work and the food is free.

There are no dangerous animals in Secret Town where the rams don't headbutt anyone and the bears there have been shaved of their fur. Secret Town is a good place for good guys to have fun, relax, and be safe. The sky is a glass dome in which if you wear goggles, you can see the stars.

For a good guy to live in Secret Town, they would have to get approval from Axe Cop.

Axe Cop made Secret Town because bad guys are always trying to break into good guys' houses to kill them. Every good guy still has a house above ground to serve as a decoy filled with an attack robot that kills the intruding bad guys.

Known inhabitantsEdit


Secret Town appears in the Axe Cop episode "Bald Cop." After Hell Chicken sends Axe Cop a letter that he knows his secret of being bald, Axe Cop flees to Secret Town. When it comes to the hypnotized villains, they are revived through a serum and fed hypnosis ice cream so that they can do all the work like Evil Rhino Man serving ice cream and Scoot and Ben (who Axe Cop and Gray Diamond previously defeated in "When Night Creatures Attack") being Axe Cop's personal servants.