Gender Male
Species Human
Allies Axe Cop, Dinosaur Soldier, Ralph Wrinkles, Presty, Army Chihuahua, Fwinky Dog
Powers Genius-Level Intellect
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 119

The Scientist is a character in the Axe Cop comics.


This unnamed scientist started out as a bad guy. He was the one who created Iggy and Willy from two cats that he had stolen from the pet shop. While visiting a fast food restaurant, a worker there saw that the scientist was evil and slipped in a good formula that made the Scientist good. Realizing his mistake, the Scientist began experimenting with Fwinkies where he managed to turn an ordinary bulldog into Fwinky Dog. The Scientist later showed up to help Axe Cop fight Iggy and Willy which ended with the two cats being sent to Mouse Planet.

The Scientist later appeared at Axe Cop and Water Queen's wedding.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Scientist has genius-level intellect.