Rainbow Girl
Status Dead
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Lightning Boy (husband)
Toby and Ashley (children)
Allies Lightning Boy (mind-controlled pawn)
Enemies Axe Cop
Powers Rainbow Powers
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 207

Rainbow Girl is the name of a villain in the Axe Cop comics.


Rainbow Girl mesmerized Axe Cop's friend Stevie Jender into becoming her protector. The two of them got married and have two children named Toby and Ashley. Rainbow Girl's powers surprised Axe Cop at Super Smoothie enough to plan revenge on her. Lightning Boy and Rainbow Girl led their children, an army of bad guys (where some of them have tails), and a red fire-breathing dragon into fighting Axe Cop and his allies. During the fight, Rainbow Girl temporarily killed Axe Cop until Ralph Wrinkles healed him. Axe Cop finally got his revenge on Rainbow Girl by chopping her head off and feeding her body to Wexter. Following Rainbow Girl's death, Lightning Boy returned to normal

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rainbow Girl has rainbow-based powers. She also used some kind of mind-control ability to get Lightning Boy on his side.