Status Deceased
Gender N/A
Species Robot
Family Evil King Fatsozon (creator)
Allies Pretzel Head
Enemies Axe Cop
Flute Cop
Weapon[s] Giant sword
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 2 Episode 8

Psydrozon is a robot in the Axe Cop comics.


A one-eyed extraterrestrial robot with two swords who is sent to Earth by Evil King Fatsozon to kill all the good guys. After Axe Cop destroys his head using Uni-Baby, he and Dinosaur Soldier start using it as a vehicle.[1]

In Ask Axe Cop #19, Axe Cop once took Psydrozon to a fighting zoo to fight an elephant. After Psydrozon killed the elephant, it turned out that Axe Cop had Psydrozon kill an elephant at a normal zoo by mistake.[2]

Axe Cop unknowingly sold Psydrozon to two disguised bad guys for weapons. After building a new head for Psydrozon, the two bad guys used Psydrozon to guard Invisible King Bad Guy Planet 2. With the help of a unicorn horn obtained from the imagination of the Iron Spider-Cannon, Axe Cop took out Psydrozon which also killed the bad guys controlling it. Afterwards, Psydrozon was reprogrammed by Gray Stone who changed its eye color to green.[3]


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