Pretzel Head
Pretzel head
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Human?
Enemies Axe Cop
Flute Cop
Weapon[s] Psydrozon
Powers Control things with mind
Turn head into pretzel
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 2 Episode 2

Pretzel Head is a super-villain in the popular webcomic Axecop. He is the first real villain they fight in the series (besides Psydrozon, although he is controlled by Pretzel Head)


Pretzel Head was born blind deaf and dumb with no arms or legs. Although he has these physical limitations, he was also born with the power to turn his head into a pretzel and to control objects with his mind.

First AppearanceEdit

He first appeared in episode two of Axecop. He controlled the mighty robot Psydrozon. He was easily defeated by Axecop and Dinosaur Soldier.

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