Lobster Man
Aliases Koko Mia
Zombie Lobster Man
Portrayer[s] Andre Braugher
Species Human/German Shepherd/Lobster Hybrid (formerly)
Family German Shepherds (parents)
Hasta Mia (sister)
Allies Axe Cop
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 23

Lobster Man is a character in the Axe Cop comics.


Koko Mia was born a Human/German Shepherd Hybrid and is the brother of Hasta Mia where their parents were German Shepherds. While Hasta Mia can change at will between human and German Shepherd, Koko Mia just had the head of a man and the body of a German Shepherd. After Hasta Mia killed her parents after Koko Mia had caught a lobster, she got lobster all over Koko Mia where he became a Human/German Shepherd/Lobster Hybrid named Lobster Man.

Axe Cop, Flute Cop's Ghost Cop form, Sockarang, Ralph Wrinkles, and Wexter encounter Lobster Man while trailing Hasta Mia who had captured Fishy Fish. During the fight against Hasta Mia, Lobster Man rubbed his face into some zombie blood where he became a zombie. Lobster Man then ordered Sockarang to dump the rest of the formula on him where he became Zombie Lobster Man. Before Zombie Lobster Man could bite the dog part of Hasta Mia's brain, Axe Cop obtained more of the formula where Flute Cop's Drag-Tri-Ghostacops Rex form dumped the formula turning Hasta Mia and the other zombies present into Good Guys. Hasta Mia later joined Fishy Fish, Zombie Lobster Man, and the zombies into helping Axe Cop and the other good guys into fighting Dr. Doo-doo and his Doody soldiers.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Lobster Man has antennae that can detect danger.

As a zombie, Lobster Man can eat the brains of bad guys.


Lobster Man appears in the Axe Cop episode "The Center of the Ocean" voiced by Andre Braugher. His history from the comics is still intact. After Hasta Mia killed their parents and he became Lobster Man, he was adopted by the King of All Time who took pity on him. Upon being adopted, Lobster Man became the adoptive brother of Water Queen. After Water Queen was taken by Lobster Man's sister, he helped Axe Cop into freeing Water Queen and defeating his sister.