Lightning Boy
Aliases Stevie Jender
Status Living
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Rainbow Girl (wife)
Toby and Ashley (children)
Allies Axe Cop (when good)
Rainbow Girl (when bad)
Enemies Axe Cop (when bad)
Powers Thunderstorm-Summoning
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 205

Lightning Boy is the name of a character from the Axe Cop comics.


Stevie Jender is a boy who was Axe Cop's best friend until he was mesmerized by Rainbow Girl. He became Lightning Boy when he was growing up. Lightning Boy and Rainbow Girl got married and have two children named Toby and Ashley. Lightning Boy and Rainbow Girl then their children, an army of bad guys (where some of them have tails) and a red fire-breathing dragon into fighting Axe Cop and his allies. After Rainbow Girl was killed by Axe Cop, Lightning Boy summoned a thunderstorm to attack Axe Cop and his allies. Due to Rainbow Girl's death, her spell on Lightning Boy wore off and he became good again where his costume became purple.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lightning Boy can develop thunderstorms by snapping his fingers. He can also turn invisible by clapping his hands three times.