Aliases Sergeant T
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Tyler the Creator (TV series)
Species Human (Formerly)
Cyborg (current)
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Super-Strength
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 94 {{{last}}}

Liborg is the name of a character in the Axe Cop comics.


Liborg is a superhero that resembles a cyborg lion who is described to be the "Ultimate Soldier." Liborg used to be a fellow soldier of Gray Diamond named Sergeant G who was killed by Chicken Head. Only his brain was behind which Sergeant G's mother gave it to Gray Diamond in order to bring him back to life since Sergeant G was all that she had. Gray Diamond came up with the idea to combine Sergeant G's brain with the brain of a lion and added a cheetah brain as well because "cheetahs are super fast." Gray Diamond went to the jungle to knock out a lion and a cheetah to obtain their brains. Upon combining half of each brain together, Grey Diamond was able to put Sergeant L's brain into the cybernetic body with a lion's head and Liborg was born.

Liborg came to the rescue of Axe Cop, Bat Warthog Man, Gray Diamond, Gray Stone, Army Chihuahua, and Wolver Man & Iron Spider-Cannon when he was signaled to Invisible King Bad Guy Planet #2 by Gray Diamond using his Liborg Calling Watch. Following the fight with the King of All Bad Guys, Army Chihuahua's human form and Liborg recognized each other since Gray Diamond was given Sergeant T's brain by mistake.

Powers and abilitesEdit

Liborg possesses super-strength. With Liborg having half a cheetah brain, he has super-speed.

Liborg also is handy at wielding a laser.


Liborg appears as a recurring character in the Axe Cop TV series voiced by Tyler the Creator. In this show, there is no references to the brain mix-up and Liborg says his name when he arrives at a location.