Bob [defaults to pagename]
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Clancy Brown (TV series)
Species Talking Gorilla
Allies Axe Cop
First Appearance Last Appearance
President of the World

Junior Cobbb is a character in the Axe Cop comics.


Junior Cobbb is a talking gorilla with metal fists who helps Axe Cop and Goo Cop fight the forces of Dr. Tuwo. When Junior Cobbb's father was combined wit one of the 13 Goo Children named Bob to form Goo-Rilla, Axe Cop combined a revived Goo Cop with Junior Cobb to form Goo-Cobbb to fight Goo-Rilla.


Junior Cobbb appears in the Axe Cop episode "President Cop" voiced by Clancy Brown. The Brilliant Evil Scientist manipulates Junior Cobbb into bringing Axe Cop to Talking Gorilla Planet so that the Brilliant Evil Scientist can kill Axe Cop with his Robot Axe Cop and have it take over Earth. He even killed Junior Cobbb. When Axe Cop's head reattaches to his body, he brought back Junior Cobbb from the dead and punished him by having him give Axe Cop $5.00.

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