Iggy and Willy
Status Undead
Gender Male
Species Siberian Cats (former)
Mummy Siberian Cats (current)
Enemies Axe Cop, Scientist, Ralph Wrinkles, Army Chihuahua, Presty, Fwinky Dog
Powers Witch Doctor Abilities
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 123 {{{last}}}

Iggy and Willy are characters in the Axe Cop comics.


Iggy and Willy are two Siberian Cat Witch Doctor Brothers who plotted to turn the whole world into cats.

They were killed in battle against Ralph Wrinkles, Army Chihuahua, Presty, and Fwinky Dog. They allowed themselves to be killed so that they can come back as mummies by their wife Lulu. Iggy and Willy then killed Fwinky Dog with a poisoned Fwinky and turn him into a mummy Dog-Eater with bat wings. They did the same thing to Ralph Wrinkles, Army Chihuahua, and Pesty. Their plan turned humans into cats, caused sea life to sprout legs and bat wings, and enlarged birds.

When Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier worked on a trade with Iggy and Willy for the release of Sockarang's Mom, the Scientist behind Fwinky Dog's origin arrived and revealed that Iggy and Willy were his pet cats back when he was evil until the scientist reformed upon eating a hamburger with a good formula in it. Using a magic pencil he previously obtained from the Magic Pencil Shop that was run by the Wizard Artist Rabbit, Axe Cop drew a rocket that sent Iggy and Willy to Mouse World where the mice haven't seen any cats.

Once Iggy and Willy were happy there, the spells they casted were undone restoring everyone to normal.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Iggy and Willy were practitioners at Witch Doctor magic.