Gray Stone
Gender Male
Species Alien
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Genius-Level Intellect
Alien-Location Ability
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 77 {{{last}}}

Gray Stone is the name of a character in the Axe Cop comics.


Gray Stone is a large-headed, rock-skinned alien who accompanied Axe Cop, Bat Warthog Man, Gray Diamond, Army Chihuahua, and Wolver Man & Iron Spider-Cannon into rescuing Bat Warthog Man's friends from the King of All Bad Guys on Invisible King Bad Guy Planet 2.

When Gray Stone criticizes Axe Cop's dinosaur plan by stating that dinosaurs have been extinct for thousands of years, Axe Cop tells him that Earth's dinosaurs actually left Earth and settled on Dinosaur Planet.

Gray Stone was the one who reprogrammed Psydrozon and gave him a green eye (green is the color of good) after Axe Cop had killed the bad guys piloting Psydrozon.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Gray Stone can turn into a large rock monster.

Gray Stone sports genius-level intellect where he has the knowledge to reprogram robots to join his team.

Gray Stone also has the ability to find aliens.