Gray Diamond
Status Living
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Rob Huebel (TV series) Justin Timberlake (Axe Cop Movie) Joe Manganiello (Axe Cop 2)
Species Human
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Diamond-Based Powers
Genius-Level Intellect
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 77

Gray Diamond is the name of a superhero in the Axe Cop comics.


  • Axe Cop (2013 film)
  • Axe Cop 2 (2015 film)


  • He is portrayed by Justin Timberlake in Axe Cop The Movie From 2013
  • He is portrayed by Joe Manganiello in Axe Cop 2 From 2015

Scene AppearancesEdit

  • Axe Cop
  • Scene 1. The Road Down.
  • Scene 13. This Behavior.
  • Scene 23. Construction Only.
  • Scene 25. Meeting Again.
  • Scene 36. Stopable.
  • Scene 37. The Workout (Penultimate Scene).
  • Scene 38. Going Up (Final Scene).
  • Scene 39. Axe Cop Brings Life Back (Ending Scene).
  • Axe Cop 2
  • Scene 1. Dark Tunnel.
  • Scene 5. The Way Out
  • Scene 14. Trial.
  • Scene 15. Prison Arena.
  • Scene 30. Meeting Again.
  • Scene 36. Fix Mechanical Shop.
  • Scene 47. Gold On Axe Cop is coming (Penultimate Scene).
  • Scene 48. No More Time Left (Final Scene).
  • Scene 49. Old Times (Ending Scene).


Gray Diamond is a diamond-themed superhero who lived in the same city as Axe Cop. Like Army Chihuahua's human form, Gray Diamond had fought in the war against Chicken Head where his friend Sergeant L was killed in battle. When Gray Diamond was given Sergeant L's brain by his mother, he obtained the components which created Liborg.

Gray Diamond accompanied Axe Cop, Bat Warthog Man, Army Chihuahua, Wolver Man & Iron Spider-Cannon, and Gray Stone into going to Invisible King Bad Guy Planet 2 and rescuing Bat Warthog Man's friends from the King of All Bad Guys. Following the fight with the King of All Bad Guys, it was discovered that Gray Diamond was given Sergeant T's brain by mistake.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

He can turn his hands into diamond swords that also shoot diamonds. Grey Diamond is also a super-genius where his brain is within the large diamond in his head.


Gray Diamond appears as a regular character in the Axe Cop TV series voiced by Rob Huebel. The episode "Mark Frankenstein" revealed that Gray Diamond's real name is Mark Frankenstein.