Fwinky Dog
Gender Male
Species Bulldog
Allies Axe Cop, Ralph Wrinkles, Presty, Army Chihuahua
Powers Flight, Heat Vision, Poison-Shooting
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 119

Fwinky Dog is a character in Axe Cop.


Fwinky Dog is a bulldog who ate Fwinkies made by a Scientist who wanted to make a dog superhero to fight his former pet cats Iggy and Willy. Though Fwinky got the assistance of Ralph Wrinkles, Presty, and Army Chihuahua into defeating them, Iggy and Willy were resurrected by their wife Lulu and turned the dog heroes into Mummy Dog-Eaters. Once Axe Cop had sent Iggy and Willy to Mouse World on a rocket that he drew and they were happy there, Fwinky Dog, Ralph Wrinkles, and Army Chihuahua were restored to normal.

Fwinky Dog was later seen at Axe Cop and Water Queen's wedding.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

He can fly, shoot heat vision, speak, shoot poison out of his hands, drop Fwinky Bombs from the sky, create Fwinky Tornadoes, and blow up a bad guy planet.