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Flute Cop
Flute cop
Flute Cop before his many transformations
Aliases Dinosaur Solider, Avocado Solider, Uni-Avocado Soldier
Date of birth ~2004[1]
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Ken Marino (TV show)
Species Human (Episodes 0-1)
Dinosaur (Episodes 1-3)
Avocado (Episodes 3-4)
Uni-Avocado (Episode 4-)
Family Bobber and Gobber Smartist (parents) (deceased)
Axe Cop (brother)
Allies Axe Cop, Uni-Man, Sockarang
Enemies Bad Santa
Weapon[s] Flute, Avocado Grenades
Powers Unicorn Magic, Dinosaur Strength
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 1 N/A

Flute Cop is Axe Cop's partner.


Flute Cop was born to Bobber and Gobber Smartist, who died one day after eating too many candy canes (although in actuality the candy canes were poisoned by Telescope Gun Cop, who used Uni-Baby to travel through time and kill them after Axe Cop rejected him as a partner in the future). It was this event that led Flute Cop and his brother and best friend, Axe Cop, to become cops- although they eventually forgot this (as well as the fact that they were brothers) after they knocked into each other one day while walking backwards. [2]

After Axe Cop became a cop, Flute Cop signed up to become his partner. After Axe Cop killed a dinosaur on his first mission, some of the dinosaur blood that landed on Flute Cop caused him to transform into Dinosaur Solider. [3] After Axe Cop and Dinosaur Solider got a second job at a fruit stand to pay their gun bills, Dinosaur Solider ate an avocado and transformed into Avocado Solider, an avocado who can shoot avocados out of his hands. [4] Upon saving Uni-Baby from the explosion that happened at Telescope Gun Cop's secret lab due to Avocado Soldier and Axe Cop both throwing lemon and avocado grenades at the lab, Avocado Solider noticed Uni-Baby's unicorn horn had broken off. Believing it to be too much power for a baby to handle, he took it for himself until Uni-Baby grew up. [5]


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