Evil Rhino Man
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Humanoid Rhinoceros
Enemies Axe Cop
Powers Super-Strength
First Appearance Last Appearance
Ask Axe Cop #9

Evil Rhino Man is the name of a supervillain in the Axe Cop comics.


Evil Rhino Man is a humanoid rhinoceros. He appeared in "Ask Axe Cop #9" where he was throwing rocks at children. Axe Cop tricked Evil Rhino Man into drinking Blow Up Juice that would explode two minutes after consumption. After sharing the drink with his boss and the boss' soldiers, Evil Rhino Man exploded alongside the other villains present. Axe Cop then jumped to catch Evil Rhino Man's horn since the tip of the horn can turn anything into gold.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Evil Rhino Man has super-strength. The tip of Evil Rhino Man's horn can turn anything to gold.


Evil Rhino Man appeared in the Axe Cop episode "The Dumb List." Like the comics, Axe Cop killed Evil Rhino Man with Blow Up Juice and claimed his horn which he used to turn his car and some of the stuff in his house into gold. In "Bald Cop," Evil Rhino Man was shown to have been brought back to life by Axe Cop and hypnotized into serving him using hypnosis ice cream. He is seen in Secret Town working as an ice cream vendor.


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