Electric Man
Status Living
Gender Male
Species Human
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Electricity
First Appearance Last Appearance
Ask Axe Cop #7

Electric Man is a character in Axe Cop.


Axe Cop and Electric Man have fought crime together and that he doesn't wear a face mask when he run too fast, slips and hurts his face. The resulting slip caused Electric Man to emit electricity and cause an earthquake. At the hospital, Axe Cop stated to Electric Man that he leveled the city again when he was chasing after the ninjas and that he needs to wear a face mask. Uni-Avocado Soldier suggests that Electric Man should wear a metal space suit. When Electric Man goes after the robbers and slips, Axe Cop tells him to meet him at the robbers' hideout when he gets up.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Electric Man can emit electricity. He has also been shown to cause earthquakes with his powers.


  1. Ask Axe Cop #7