Dr. Googleman
Aliases Adam
Status Living
Gender Male
Species Human
Allies Axe Cop
Enemies Dr. Yahoo
First Appearance Last Appearance
Ask Axe Cop #83

Dr. Googleman is the name of a character from the Axe Cop comics.


Adam is a Harvard graduate with a PhD. in karate. When he was in college, he worked at Google where he quickly looked through books to get people their search results. Adam later invented a machine that he places books in so that it can send the search results to whoever is looking for specific information. Adam later invented the Google Gun where he entered the search term and it shot out the results. This led to Adam becoming Dr. Googleman.

Dr. Googleman went to Axe Cop for advice when it came to saving his family and bodyguards from Dr. Yahoo and his army of dwarves. With the help of Axe Cop tricking Dr. Yahoo with a bad battle strategy, Dr. Googleman defeated Dr. Yahoo, rescued his family, and thanked Axe Cop for his advice.[1]

Dr. Googleman later attended the wedding of Axe Cop and Water Queen.


  1. Ask Axe Cop #83