Dr. Doo-doo
Dr Doo-doo
Dr. Doo-Doo talking with the Queen of London, England in the TV show trailer.
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Peter Serafinowicz (TV show)
Species Poop
Enemies Axe Cop
Powers Make people poop
First Appearance Last Appearance
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Dr. Doo-Doo is a villain in the Axe Cop comics.


Dr. Doo-doo is a living poop that can make anyone defecate themselves and also make people his zombies using his Doodoo Power. Through this method, Dr. Doodoo can create man-sized poop soldiers called Doody Soldiers. He piloted a Giant Zombie Robot (which concealed a Baby Head Squid) where he used Hasta Mia as a pawn to raise an army of zombies and capture the Queen of England. His true form was exposed as Dr. Doo-doo started to summon his Doody Soldiers. Axe Cop enlisted Baby Man's family, the Moon Warriors, all the Superheroes from Zombie World, and all the Zombie Cops in order to fight Dr. Doo-doo and his Doody Soldiers. Dr. Doo-doo and his Doody Soldiers were killed when Axe Cop used a Poop-Sucker Gun to suck up Planet Poop and then flush it all down the toilet.


Dr. Doo-doo appears in the Axe Cop TV series voiced by Peter Serafinowicz. In this show, Dr. Doodoo was born from the poop of one of the zombies on Zombie Island in Space after the zombie in question had bitten Chemist M. Axe Cop apparently killed Dr. Doo-doo in his Axe Cop Fire form. In "Heads will Roll," Dr. Doo-doo was later inexplicably seen alive attending an auction held by the creepy prison warden which is auctioning off plant bad guys. When Axe Cop takes control of the plant bad guys due to them inheriting Flute Cop's loyalty to Axe Cop, Dr. Doo-doo is among the villains that flees.