Book Cop
Status Living
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Jonathan Banks (TV series)
Species Human
Family Axe Cop (great-great-great-great-great-grandson)
Weapon[s] Book
Powers Book-Throwling
Fire Abilities
First Appearance Last Appearance
Ask Axe Cop #39

Book Cop is the name of a character in the Axe Cop comics.


Book Cop is Axe Cop's great-great-great-great-great-grandfather who fought in the American Revolutionary War and is known to kill bad guys with his books.[1]

Axe Cop revealed that he would reminisce about Book Cop on Independence Day where Book Cop had killed a lot of Redcoats and the King of England.[2]


Book Cop can use his books to kill bad guys by throwing them at enemies upon pointing at them, sharpening the book corners with his nails. Book Cop can also shoot fire out of his hands and x-ing and un-x-ing his arms to summon a fireball from outer space to incinerate his enemies.


Book Cop appears in the Axe Cop episode "An American Story" voiced by Jonathan Banks.


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  2. Axe Cop #40

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