Best Fairy Ever
Gender Female
Portrayer[s] Deborah Ann Woll (TV series)
Species Fairy
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Poison Shrinking Dust
Poison Growing Dust
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 59

Best Fairy Ever is a character in the Axe Cop comics.


Best Fairy Ever is a fairy who was the first female good guy that Axe Cop allowed on his team.[1]

Presty's family later enlists Best Fairy Ever into helping them find Presty. She and Presty's family managed to find Presty after Axe Cop disposed of Planet Poop which also killed Dr. Doo-doo and his Doody Soldiers.


Best Fairy Ever uses different dusts to kill bad guys like Poison Shrinking Dust to kill bad guys at small size and Poison Growing Dust to kill bad guys at large size.


Best Fairy Ever appears in her self-titled episode of Axe Cop voiced by Deborah Ann Woll.


  1. Ask Axe Cop #14

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