Bad Santa
Bad Santa
Aliases Santa Claus
Status Defeated[?]
Gender Male
Species Human
Location The North Pole
Allies The Evil Flying Book
Enemies Sockarang
Axe Cop
Leaf Man
Weapon[s] Guitar
Powers The Power of Christmas
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 5 Episode 5

Bad Santa is the name of a supervillain in the Axe Cop comics.


Bad Santa was a supervillain who used the Power of Christmas and was hated by the real Santa Claus. Bad Santa used his powers to steal Leaf Man's powers. He liked to play bad songs on his guitar. His sidekick was The Evil Flying Book. Axe Cop, Uni-Avocado Soldier, Leaf Man, Sockarang, Baby Man, The Wrestler, and Uni-Man had to work to fight Bad Santa and the Evil Flying Book. When Sockarang got Bad Santa's blood on him, he also gained the Power of Christmas and defeated bad Santa.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bad Santa can tap into the powers of Christmas.

Bad Santa also wielded a guitar.


Bad Santa appears in the Axe Cop episode "Birthday Month" voiced by Raymond J. Barry. In this show, Bad Santa was responsible for killing Axe Cop's parents with poison candy canes, resides on South Pole Planet, and is the brother of Good Santa. His goal was, according to Malachai Nicolle, to "kill Jesus and become God."[2] He was killed by Axe Cop.


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