Axe Land is a location in the Axe Cop comics.


Axe Land is an amusement park that appears in Axe Cop #94. It is so big that it has it's own planet and has every ride there.

If a kid gets lost, Axe Land's secret park agents will find them and teleport them back to their homes to await the return of their parents.


The following attractions are featured in Axe Land:

  • A Park Tour where a 3D Goo-Rilla fight occurs.
  • A Cave of Mummy Dinosaurs.
  • An Axe Cop Stunt Show.
  • A ride called "Axe Mountain" where a giant Axe Cop tries to chop off the riders' heads only to go down a waterfall where a photograph of them panicking at the site of this is taken.
  • A real monster truck ride where a real Tyrannosaurus rides in the back.