Army Chihuahua
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Giancarlo Esposito (TV series)
Species Human (normal form)
Chihuahua (battle form)
Allies Axe Cop
Powers Military Tactics
Transforms into a Chihuahua.
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 77 {{{last}}}

Army Chihuahua is the name of a character from the Axe Cop comics.


Army Chihuahua is a soldier with the power to transform into a chihuahua when he is ready to fight. When he was just a soldier, he fought against the forces of Chicken Head where his friend Sergeant T fell in battle leading the soldier to kill Chicken Head with a grenade. When the soldier returned home and found that he forgot to feed his pet chihuahua before the war, he was bitten by his hungry pet as a result.

Army Chihuahua first appears to accompany Axe Cop, Bat Warthog Man, Gray Diamond, Gray Stone, and Wolver Man & Iron Spider-Cannon in a mission to rescue Bat Warthog Man's friends from the King of All Bad Guys on Invisible King Bad Guy Planet 2. After the King of Bad Guys was defeated, Army Chihuahua regressed back to human form. Liborg recognized Army Chihuahua's human form since Gray Diamond was given Sergeant T's brain by mistake.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a result of being bitten by his chihuahua, Army Chihuahua has the ability to turn into a chihuahua when he is ready to fight and turn back into a human when he is not fighting. Because he is always ready to fight, he is always a chihuahua.

Army Chihuahua is also shown to have poison in his fangs as seen when he bit off the tails of some of the villains that were on Lightning Boy and Rainbow Girl's side.


Army Chihuahua appears in the Axe Cop TV series voiced by Giancarlo Esposito. Axe Cop, Bat Warthog Man, and Gray Diamond first encounter Army Chihuahua at the Dinosaur Horn Store Planet.